Tutorial on How to Use Photoshop Clone Stamp Tool

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Clone Stamp tool is one of Photoshop tool can able to duplicate any part of the image. This tool is useful to remove any unwanted spot in your photo, and also to cover / add additional objects of models. Here is a tutorial on how to use clone stamp tool.

In this tutorial, I use a free photo collection from stock.xchng.


Open your photo with Photoshop; I use Photoshop CS4 to make this tutorial. It should be any photo that has objects you wants to remove or duplicate within it. In this photo, I want to duplicate the squirrel in to two or more.

Select the clone stamp tool in your Photoshop tool box. Then you must choose which of the photo part that will be the image source, and any area that you want to use as target. You can tell Photoshop your source image by Alt + click on the image. In this case, I Alt + clicking the squirrel photo.


Then, click or click and drag on the target area. You have to release the Alt key. The target area can be in the same layer, on different layer, or even in different file that you open simultaneously in Photoshop.

Here is the sample of the squirrel that has been duplicated into two.


You can duplicate it more if you like, as in this Photoshop tutorial image below. You can also duplicate the rotated version or even the flipped image of the photo model by using clone stamp tool in Photoshop. To do this, you have to open the clone source panel.


You can specify how many degrees of the image rotation by filling in the number or by using the rotation button in stamp panel. If you want to make flipped image as in this Photoshop tutorial below, you have to fill a negative value in H and W.

Here is the sample of the photo that the model has been duplicated into many by using Photoshop clone stamp tool.


Well, it will be better if I also adjust the squirrel shadow, but that’s not the point of this tutorial.

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  • Zheng says:

    Hi.. you are very helpful.im just a beginner and with your procedures on photoshop.. i able to understand how the tools are being used.. please stay on updating. :)

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  • gula says:

    hey, thanks for your tutorial. really appreciate it :)

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