Adobe Photoshop CS5 Installation

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I have downloaded the Photoshop CS5, just like I was writing in the previous post. Well, actually it takes more than 3 hours because my internet connection is slow. And here are some Photoshop CS5 installation steps that I have done. I am installing it in Windows. Actually it is very simple, because we only need to follow the on screen guide.

After you download the Photoshop CS5, you will get two files: Photoshop_12_LS1.7z (978 MB size) and a self extracting archive. You can use the Photoshop CS5 self extracting archive to extract the zip packet. That will give you Adobe CS5 folder (1,66 GB size) and Photoshop CS5 Read Me.pdf.

If the self installation doesn’t run, or just like I do yesterday (I skip the self installation process because I was in the middle of something and I plan to install it later), you can manually browse to the Photoshop CS5 folder and double-click Set-up file, and then follow the on-screen instructions.

In the first screen, there is the Photoshop CS5 welcome installation. You must click the Accept button to continue.


In the second screen, this is the time you type your serial number of Photoshop CS5. Because I don’t have it, so I select the trial method (with very sad).


Now head to the next Photoshop CS5 installation screen. We can select the installation location, default is C:\Program Files\Adobe. You need 1.5 GB free space for this installation.


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