How to Use Eraser Tool in Photoshop CS4

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Photoshop CS4, and also other version, has eraser tool set in the tool box. These tools are Eraser Tool, Background Eraser Tool, and Magic Eraser Tool. All of them are has single function, that is to erase part of image. But each of them has different abilities. Here is a quick tutorial on how to use them.

I use a free royalty photo from royalshot-stock.xchng in this Photoshop tutorial.

Tutorial on How to Use Eraser Tool in Photoshop CS4

This is the basic tool of eraser in Photoshop. Eraser tool will erase any part of the image base on the pointer shape. You can specify how large is the pointer by adjusting it through the option bar, or by right click on the image when using eraser tool. It is the same way as adjusting brush tip shape.


three type of eraser tools in photoshop

You may get the image not erased at all, instead it change the color as the active background color. What is could possibly cause it? It is because you are working in a locked layer, usually a jpg image is in single background layer that locked. See in this image tutorial below.


eraser tool in locked layer - photoshop cs4 tutorial

If you want to actually erase the image, you have to make the background layer unlocked. Do this by double click the background layer name (at layer panel) until you get a dialog box that show an option to change the layer into layer 0. Click OK on this dialog box to confirm it.
After it is became layer 0, you can erase it as you wanted to be. Be careful though, because you cannot make it appear again after you erase it, except you undo the steps.


eraser tool in layer 0 - photoshop cs4 tutorial

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