How to Unlock Photoshop Layer

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Unlocking Photoshop layer is one of mostly done in some tutorial. Actually I have written it in some previously tutorial, but here I am writing it again so I can easily link to this post if I need to. By default, jpg image is having single background layer, this background layer is locked and it cannot be applied with some Photoshop steps.

Whether we use Photoshop CS4 or the new CS5, we can unlock Photoshop layer in two ways:
Select Photoshop menu: Layer > New > Layer from Background

Double click the Background layer name


tutorial how to unlock photoshop layer

Do one of those steps above, and you will get New dialog box.


tutorial how to unlock photoshop layer

From this dialog box, we can fill name for the new layer. The default name is Layer 0. We can also select the color, which will useful if we want to display the layer tab in different color. Layer Blending Mode and Opacity value can be specified here also if we want to. But it actually only need to click OK if you only want to unlock the layer, we don’t have to adjust the other option here. I use Photoshop CS4 in this tutorial, so if you use CS5 or previous version, you may experience little different but it actually has the same purpose.

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