How to Cut Something Out of an Image Using Photoshop

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Photoshop is a powerful image editing software. One of it function is to cut something out of an image or photo. This not only Photoshop function, there are lot more of it. But removing any unwanted objects or photo model is one of popular effects that done by any graphic designer. Not only for satisfying the designer need but more are base to their customer need.

There are lot of Photoshop technique to cut something out or discarding any unwanted object/s. I have post about clone stamp tool and healing brush previously. Those tool actually can be use to remove any object by duplicating any area in to it, so the original object is covered with its surrounding pattern.

Here is how to remove any object by using Clone Stamp Tool

Open any of your photo, it should be has any object that you want to remove from it. I use one of Windows XP wallpaper for this Photoshop tutorial.


Select Clone Stamp tool, and then choose any area which similar with the unwanted things/models. Do Alt+click on it.


Now click and drag on the unwanted spot. The area will be covered with the source image (if this is the first time you use clone stamp tool / healing brush tool, make sure you have read the previously photoshop tutorial about clone stamp tool).

Now we have removed an area of the image, so the fish is disappearing. But we can still notice some area that is not perfectly match between its colors.


We can remove it or make it smoother by using Healing Brush tool. Healing Brush tool can be use by the same step as the Clone Stamp tool. If you have Photoshop CS5, you can use the more advanced version tool that has similar abilities as the healing brush tool.


That’s how we can remove or cut something out of an image using Photoshop.


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