How to Apply Brush on Path-Photoshop Tutorial

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Photoshop tutorial about how we apply brush on path line. The path lines can be in a shape of object, or just a single line. We will apply this brush on a single line in this Photoshop tutorial.

How to apply brush stroke on path line in Photoshop

Step 1
Prepare the brush which we want to use. You can use any brush, but I will only use the regular brush provided by Photoshop in this tutorial. The brush nip size should be suitable enough, not too small or big, just assume that this brush will fill the path line nicely. I use 5 pixel sizes like in this picture below.


Step 2
Make a new file, or use any image file you want.
Then select the Pen tool in the Photoshop toolbox. If you use Photoshop CS4, the default pen is already a path. You can select the path in the option panel if you haven’t it selected. In the geometry options (small triangle) check on the Rubber Band, this useful to predict the line we will make.


You can also use shape tool if you want to make path which in shape of an object in Photoshop

Step 3
Use the Photoshop Pen tool to make a line, for example like this one below. After you make the line in this Photoshop tutorial, the pen pointer is still giving us a following line. To stop this line, we can press ESC key on the keyboard (this is the Photoshop shortkey to stop the pen tool).


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