How To Align Layers Position in Photoshop CS4

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When we work with some layers and we want to align them, Photoshop has aligning icons which we can use easily. These icons were available in previous Photoshop version, but it gets simpler to use in Photoshop CS4 and CS5. If we need to align those layers, first we have to select them simultaneously. To select lot of layers, we can use Shift and Ctrl key combination while clicking the layer’s name. You can also use Move tool with the “Auto select: Group” selected in option bar.


photoshop tutorial - some layers which will be aligned

After we select the layers which we need them to be aligned, we can see the align icons visible in option bar. If they not appear, check the Photoshop tool box; make sure you have Move tool selected.


photoshop tutorial - align icon available at move tool

When you have the icons visible, it is very simple now. You only have to click one or more icon to align them. Here are 4 examples of aligned positions.


photoshop tutorial - example of aligned layers

You can experiment with the other align icons. They are:

  • Align top edges
  • Align vertical centers
  • Align bottom edges
  • Align left edges
  • Align horizontal centers
  • Align right edges
  • Distributes top edges
  • Distributes vertical centers
  • Distributes bottom edges
  • Distributes left edges
  • Distributes horizontal centers
  • Distributes right edges

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