Neat Image Photoshop Plugin for Noise Removal

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Neat Image is a plugins that compatible up to Photoshop CS4. This plugin can be use to reduce photo noise. Noise always occur in a digital photo which taken in a low light condition. Mostly when taken with a cheap handphone camera, like mine :D .

I got lot of image with noise, most of them are my valuable event. I won’t get opportunity to have that moment again. So, when I heard about this plugin, I think this will fix them.

Although I also have question, is that possible that a software which never see human or anything else, could fix my old photo? Is a software able to notice the difference between noise and original image? It more like to trust a robot to do human job.

Those question is answered when I use it with my Photoshop CS4.

Amazing. This plugin is reducing noise better than Photoshop CS4 noise filter.

But I keep using Noise filter from Photoshop CS4, I only use Neat Image as a final touch to the photos. This is because I still can’t figure out how to perfectly tune Neat Image noise reduction.

In this images below, I got my full of noise photo opened in Photoshop CS4.


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