New Brushes Sets in Photoshop CS5

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Photoshop CS5 has some new brush set addition to it brush menu preset. As can be seen in this picture below, these are two brush menus in Photoshop CS4 and in Photoshop CS5.


Beside of the previously available brush, such Assorted, Basic, Calligraphic, Drop Shadow, Dry Media, Faux Finish, Natural and Natural 2, Special Effect, Square, Thick Heavy, and Wet Media; now Adobe adding two new brushes. They are DP brushes and M brushes. The Rounded Brushes with size is more like the previously one in Photoshop CS4 (at least that what I thinks, because I haven’t figure out what the differences of it).

Here are the screen shoot of these new brushes:


The M brushes preset is more like compilation of other brush with some effects, although it have new leaf brush on it.

In the picture below, Photoshop CS5 has new thumbnail preview of some brush in the default brush preset.


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    very good

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