How to Rotate Photoshop CS4 Brushes

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In this Photoshop CS4 tutorial, I will write about how to rotate the brushes. There are some two way on how rotate them. I divided them according on when the brush is rotated, before it’s stroked or after it.
In this tutorial I am using the Feather brush from previous post.

Rotating Photoshop brushes before it stroked

To adjust the brush position, we need to open the brush panel. To do this, try select Window > Brush (if brush panel hasn’t opened yet).

Click on the Brush Tip Shape.


There are the brush adjustment tip shape in the lower part of this panel. To make it easier, I will write the Spacing first. It this the most lower part. Spacing will increase or decrease each brush stroke.

Here is the example if the spacing is adjusted to 100%.


Here is the example if the spacing is turned off.


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5 Responses to “How to Rotate Photoshop CS4 Brushes”

  • Jason Hathcock says:

    I’m on CS3 currently; I was looking for a rotate brush option and couldn’t find it. Found some search results that were a 2-3 years old, pointing out this particular Brushes pallette but I just couldn’t find it, thought maybe PS did away with it. I see this tutorial is for CS4 so I knew it was in there somewhere. I just so happened to trying changing my saved workspace to the “Legacy” preset, then pressing F5, and voila! There it was. A control click (while in Brushes) still only brings up the tip choices, but not the full set of options shown here with rotate, spacing, etc. So maybe if I save this as my new preferred workspace, I’ll be OK for the future. Thanks for the tutorial.

  • Elizabeth says:

    This is wonderful, but somehow I managed to do away with the diameter/ rotate part of my brush window. Do you know how to get it back?

    • @Elizabeth: If you mean that the brush control is now longer appear; and the brush panel only show list of the brush, it can be happen because the brush panel is viewed in compact mode. By default brush panel is in expanded view. Try click the panel option button (in top right of the panel), the select the Expanded View.

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