How to Install CS4 Brushes

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This is the tutorial of how to use downloaded Photoshop brushes. When you have download a brush from the web or copy it from somewhere else, you can use that brush by loading it with Photoshop.
Downloaded brush can be save in to Photoshop CS4 default place, or you can keep it on other location, event in your USB stick.

The default place of Photoshop CS4 is located in here:
C:\Documents and Settings\ YOUR_COMPUTER_USER_NAME\ Application Data\ Adobe\ Adobe Photoshop CS4\ Presets\ Brushes.


To navigate to this folder, you will need to open Windows Explorer program, and select Tools > Folder Options. Select View tab. Check the Show hidden files or folder option, and unchecked the Hide protected operating system files option.


Click Yes to confirm (it’s OK as long you are not accidentally deleted or modified your Windows system files, use with cation though, I’m not responsible with your computer crash).
You can safely save the brush here, as this is a part of your My Documents.
C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS4\Presets\Brushes.
This is the default folder of other Photoshop CS4 brushes. You can find some brushes like: Assorted, Basic, Calligraphic Brushes, and some others here.

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