Tutorial to Make Collage Photo Effects

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Let’s learn how to create interesting Photoshop collage effects out of photo. The photo collage tutorial is simple to do in Photoshop CS4. We will divide a photo into several collages, so it looks like made from combined photos which arranged in the same time. The main steps here are to cut the images and make photo border around them. Here is the tutorial to make it in Photoshop, you can follow steps by steps to learn it, and you will able to make your own photo collage from digital photograph or scanned images.

Photoshop CS4 Tutorial to Make Collage Photo

Step 1
In this tutorial, I use a free stock of jo: in the park photo from obyvatel-stock.xchng


open the photograph using photoshop

Step 2
Make a rectangular selection in the size that similar with common photograph size. For example, I use 2:3 ratios for this. If you want to know how to do this, I suggest you to read the Make Fixed Ratio Selection tutorial first.

divide photo into collage - photoshop tutorial 2

make selection as ordinary photo size ratio

Because I feel that the collage photo will looks more nicely if the picture is rather disorientated, so in this Photoshop tutorial I feel like to rotate it. Not the picture that I will rotate right now, but it is the selection. Selection can be rotated by right click on it, with any selection tool still selected, and select Transform Selection (alternatively you can also choose from Select > Transform Selection).

divide photo into collage - photoshop tutorial 3

select transform selection option

Rotate it and press Enter to commit.

divide photo into collage - photoshop tutorial 4

rotate the selection

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13 Responses to “Tutorial to Make Collage Photo Effects”

  • Al says:

    Can you just stop with these tutorials? All you’re doing is encouraging amateurs to add tacky and tasteless effects to their images, and that’s how ugly digital art is made in batches and batches nowadays. In some cases you have the right idea, but the technique you use leaves an unattractive result that Photoshop newbies will eat right up. Leave the Photoshop tutorials to people who have some artistic taste.

  • Will says:

    She looked uglier when up close

  • Diana says:

    If you are going to make a tutorial, don’t leave parts out! After following this, I was left with a white space under the sections that I marqueed.

    • @Diana: If you get a white space, I suppose you are in transforming the marquee process. Please try to use Select > Transform Selection. I am afraid you are using Edit > Free Transform, so you are rotating the image itself, not the selection; so it give you the white background of the photo.

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  • josue says:

    thank you for these tutorial was very helpful for me
    thank you for your time!
    Whatever you do, good or bad,bad people will have something negative to say

  • Kathie says:

    Al: If it wasn’t for the amateurs adding tacky and tasteless effects to their images, no one would know how good the rest of you are. So you guys just go on producing your wonderful art and leave the rest of us to being able to make you feel superior. OK? Everybody’s gotta be somewhere. BTW, where is your tutorial located? I’d love to learn how to do stuff like you do.
    Bob: ::I don’t think a pro slaves over his computer trolling tutorials.:: Evidently Al does. How does that work? He certainly isn’t busy making tutorials for us tacky amateurs.

  • buntybaba says:

    thanx dear……………:)

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