Photoshop Tutorial to Make Ripped Photo Effect

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In this Photoshop CS4 tutorial, we will make a ripped or torn photo effect. A normal photo will be torn into some part. To do this, I will use a photo from


The ripped photos effect tutorial for Photoshop CS4

Step 1
Select lasso tool on the toolbox. Use this tool to make a zaggy line in the photo you want to rip. Drag the lasso tool from middle top until it reach the picture’s bottom. And then drag it right until the picture’s corner and drag again up and then left (use the direction I have draw in the picture below).


When you release the mouse button, you will find a selection looks like this:


Step 2
Select Select > Save Selection menu, and when the dialog box appear, type the name you want for this selection. Click OK when you have done.


Step 3
Activate Channel panel, then click on the last/bottom channel. It should be your saved selection name in there.


The image you working at now will be black and white color.

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3 Responses to “Photoshop Tutorial to Make Ripped Photo Effect”

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  • Horrible Tutorial says:

    This tutorial not only didn’t work the first time, but didn’t work the second time. It wasted a copious amount of my time. I would like it back. Thanks.

    • @Horrible Tutorial: Would you like to describe the problem? I will gladly to help. Usually this tutorial is causing problem at step 7, in the inverting the selection process.

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