Water Drip-Photoshop Brushes

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This Photoshop Brushes can be use to make water drip effect with a few strokes. The type of the liquid will depend of how you colorize this brush. It could be like dripping milk, blood, oil drip, or maybe just water. To make this to look like a water, you have to use Layer > Layer Style to reduce the fill opacity and add a white Inner Glow effects.

This water drip Photoshop brush is compatible with Photoshop 7.0 until Photoshop CS4. I don’t have CS5 yet, so I cannot test it with that version. Usually if a brush compatible with older Photoshop version, it will compatible too with the newer one.

Here is the sample of this brush:


You can download this brush for FREE at: Rapidshare
Photoshop brush file name: photoshopcall-water-drip.abr
Brushes count: 15 brushes
File size: 116 KB

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