Reduce Photo Noise with Topaz DeNoise Plugin


All this time, I always use Neat Image to reduce my photo noise. Then I try the Topaz DeNoise. When I try this Photoshop Plugin, What I get is that Topaz DeNoise is much simpler to use. The result is very nice, I got mine reduced their noise. One of the things that I rather not comfortable with Denoise is the Recover Detail option. I only get one slider in the recover detail. Well, there is one of Topaz plugins that able to correct the detail better actually, it is the Topaz Detail. But that means we have to purchase one plugin again.
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Photoshop 3D User Interface Survey

Adobe is ready to improve the Photoshop ability to handle 3D object in a better way. They are right now is offering us to fill up a survey for this. They are looking for our input to help make future versions of Photoshop even better. Whether you’re an expert or novice the Photoshop Team is looking to find out more about your experience working with 3D tools and applications. As described in their Facebook page.
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Photoshop Menu Tutorials – Custom Menu Color

photoshop custom menu tutorials

When we work using Photoshop for a long time, some time we notice that only some of the Photoshop menu are we use frequently. Those menus can be our favorite and sometime we want to customize them so they much more personalize and simple to use. Here is the tutorial on how to customize the Photoshop menu, from the color, the list of visible item and even the shortcuts. You can do this tutorial for Photoshop CS4, CS5, and also for the previous version.
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Tutorial to Make Collage Photo Effects


Let’s learn how to create interesting Photoshop collage effects out of photo. The photo collage tutorial is simple to do in Photoshop CS4. We will divide a photo into several collages, so it looks like made from combined photos which arranged in the same time. The main steps here are to cut the images and make photo border around them. Here is the tutorial to make it in Photoshop, you can follow steps by steps to learn it, and you will able to make your own photo collage from digital photograph or scanned images.
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How to Make Rectangular Selection in Fixed Size or Ratio


One of the Photoshop selection tools Rectangular Marque. This is powerful tool to make rectangular selection in easy and quickly. Sometime we need to make selection in fixed size, i.e we want to make 300 x 250 pixel, or a rectangular in 1 : 3 ratio. Rectangular marquee can be use to make this fixed size or ratio quickly. Here is a simple tutorial to make it in Photoshop.
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